1.1       Name: The name of the organization shall be KAIRALI OF SYRACUSE, hereafter referred to as Kairali. This document shall be known as the Constitution and Bylaws of Kairali.

1.2       Nature: It shall be a not-for-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization to provide a common platform to its members to coordinate cultural, educational, social, economic, civic and community affairs of the people of Kerala origin residing in Syracuse and neighboring cities.

1.3       Location: The Executive Committee shall decide the location of the office of the organization.




The aims and objectives of Kairali shall be:

1.   to represent the interests of the Kerala community in and around Syracuse

2.   to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Kerala

3.   to promote and encourage social and cultural activities

4.   to educate and enlighten the Kerala community on various topics of common interest

5.   to give all possible assistance and comfort to Keralites as and when needed

6.   to conduct charity and community service oriented programs

7.   to foster friendship and relationship between Keralites and other ethnic communities and organizations in the United States




3.1 Eligibility

3.1.1    Must be 18 years or older

3.1.2    Subscribe and promote the aims and objectives of Kairali

3.1.3    Those under 18 shall be eligible for membership privileges except voting


3.2       Annual Membership Fee

          3.2.1    The annual membership shall be $25.00 for a family and $15.00 if single

3.2.2    Those who pay annual membership fee on time, as stipulated by

the Executive Committee, shall have the right to attend, participate, discuss and vote in the General Body meetings and hold offices. In the case of $25.00 membership, both husband and wife shall have one vote each. An individual with $15.00 membership also will be eligible for one vote.

3.2.3    The membership fee shall be raised or lowered if necessary, from time to time at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


3.3       Suspension of Membership

3.3.1    The Executive Committee may suspend membership, if the Committee is convinced that the activities of the member have been detrimental to the interests of Kairali. The Committee shall present the matter to the next General Body meeting for final disposal of the matter.


3.4       Termination of Membership

3.4.1    Membership shall terminate upon resignation by the member, or expulsion by the General Body on account of inactivity or any actions detrimental to the interests of Kairali.



4.1       The official year of Kairali shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31



The affairs and activities of Kairali shall be transacted by:

1.   The General Body comprising of all members’

2.   The Executive Committee elected by the General Body for a one-year term.

5.1       The General Body

5.1.1. Responsibilities

The General Body shall:

(i)        be the supreme policy-making body of Kairali

(ii)        meet at least once during the calendar year and when summoned by the Executive Committee or one-third of the General Body members

(iii)       receive, discuss, vote and accept the reports of the President and/or Secretary, the audited financial statement of the Treasurer, and the reports of any sub-committees

(iv)       elect members of the Executive Committee comprising of the President, Vice-President, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and four members of the committee.

(v)       elect one Auditor, who shall not be a member of the Executive


(vi)      transact any other business with the approval of the President or

Chairperson of the meeting.


5.2       The Executive Committee

          5.2.1. The Executive Committee shall comprise of the President, Vice- President, Secretary,                        Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 4 members. The immediate past President, Secretary                        and the Treasurer shall serve as ex-officio members, unless elected to another office in                        the Executive Committee.

5.2.2.   The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General

Body meeting of Kairali.

5.2.3.   The Term of Office: The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be for one year, or until the new Executive Committee takes office. The President, Secretary and the Treasurer shall not be elected to the same office for more than three consecutive terms.

5.2.4.   Responsibilities: The Executive Committee shall:

(i)        take office on January 1 and carry out the activities of

Kairali until the new Executive Committee takes office

(iii)       appoint Chairpersons and/or Coordinators for various committees or events with designated responsibilities

(iv)       review and authorize the release of newsletters and any other publications of Kairali

(v)        approve the annual report and financial statement of Kairali prior to the annual General Body meeting

(vi)       make decisions by the majority, by vote, which may include the casting vote by the President in case of a tie and/or proxy vote by any member, who is absent with valid reasons

(vii)      in the absence or disability of any officers or committee members, elect replacement for pro-term


            5.3       Responsibilities of the Officers of Kairali

5.3.1    The President shall:

(i)         be the chief executive officer of Kairali with the responsibility of the management of the affairs of Kairali as decided upon by the Executive Committee and/or the General Body

(ii)        be a member ex-officio, with right to vote, of all committees

(ii)        meet at least four times a year to discuss the ways and means to carry out the activities of Kairali

(iii)       preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Body.

5.3.2    The Vice-President shall:

(i)         have all the powers and responsibilities of the President during the absence or disability of the President.

5.3.3    The Secretary shall:

(i)         convene the meeting of the Executive Committee at the verbal or written request of the President, or a written request of a simple majority of the Executive Committee

(ii)        convene the meeting of the General Body at the request of the Executive Committee or a written request of 1/3 of the General Bodymembers

(iii)     record and keep the minutes of the meetings of the

Executive Committee and the General Body

(i)        prepare records on all the activities of Kairali

(ii)       have custody of all books and records of Kairali

(iii)       present an annual report of all the activities of Kairali at the annual General Body meeting of Kairali, with the prior approval of the Executive Committee.

5.1.1    The Joint Secretary shall:

(i)         provide all assistance to the Secretary in carrying out his/her duties

(ii)        assume the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary during the absence or disability of the Secretary.

5.1.2    The Treasurer shall:

(i)         have the care and custody of the funds of Kairali and shall deposit such funds in the name of Kairali in bank accounts, if any, at the direction of the Executive Committee

(ii)        make payment of money, sign checks, which have been duly authorized by the Executive Committee and counter- signed by the President or Secretary

(iii)       collect membership dues and any other contributions at the direction of the Executive Committee

(iv)       keep funds, books and vouchers in his/her custody at all times, under the supervision of the Executive Committee and subject to its inspection and control

(v)        keep cash in hand not to exceed $200.00 unless directed otherwise by the Executive Committee

(vi)       submit financial statement to the Executive Committee after a major program or fund raising activity

(vii)      submit the annual financial statement and related books to the Auditor in a timely manner for audit prior to the annual General Bodymeeting

(viii)     present annual financial statement along with the Auditor’s report at the annual General Body meeting, with copies distributed to the members

(ix)       at the expiration of the term deliver over to his successor all funds, books, property and related documents



          6.1  There shall be various sub-committees for Kairali; each headed by a Chairperson

          6.2   The Executive Committee shall select the members of the committee

6.3   The sub-committee shall serve until the objectives are met, but not to exceed one             year.

6.4  The President, Secretary and the Treasurer of Kairali shall be ex-officio members of the sub-committee

        ARTICLE 7.   FINANCE

7.1       The annual membership fees, contributions and funds collected from activities shall be used for the day-to-day activities of Kairali

7.2       The membership fee may be increased or decreased from time to time by a resolution of the Executive Committee

7.3       No member of Kairali shall solicit contributions on behalf of Kairali from members or the public unless duly authorized by the Executive Committee or the General Body

7.4       The Executive Committee shall have the authority to solicit funds for emergency purposes, or as and when needed, through various means.


        ARTICLE 8.   AUDITOR

8.1       The General Body may elect one Auditor, who may attend the meeting of the Executive Committee when requested by the Committee, but without voting rights

8.2       The Auditor shall be invited to the Annual Committee meeting and annual General Body meeting for questions and clarifications related to the accounts

8.3       The term of the office of the Auditor shall be one year or until a new

Auditor takes office

8.4       The accounts of Kairali, minutes of the General Body and Executive Committee and any other documents related to the accounts shall be provided to the Auditor for audit upon his/her request

8.5       In the absence or disability of the Auditor, the Executive Committee may elect a new Auditor, who shall not be a member of the Executive Committee



9.1       The quorum of the General Body meetings shall be one-third of the eligible members or 15, whichever is less

9.2       The quorum for the meetings of Executive Committee and any sub- committee shall be one-half plus one

9.3       If there is no quorum at any such meetings for half an hour after the scheduled time, the President or Chairperson shall adjourn the meeting to another date and time not later than 15 days and inform the members accordingly

          9.4       The members shall be informed at least 7 days in advance

          9.5       At such adjourned meeting of the General Body, the business on the agenda of the             original meeting shall be transacted, whether there is a quorum or not, provided two-thirds of              the Executive Committee members are present

          9.6       Each eligible person shall be entitled to one vote. In case of a tie, the President or                          Chairperson shall have the casting vote to decide the issue.                                           


          10.1     The notice of the election shall be sent to the members at least two weeks in advance.            10.2     A member in good standing, who has paid his/her dues as of November 30, shall be                             eligible to vote at the annual General Body.

          10.3     Elections for the Executive Committee for the succeeding year shall be conducted at                           the annual General Body meeting before the end of December

          10.4     The President of Kairali, or in his/her unavailability, a member selected by the Executive                        Committee shall be the Returning Officer

          10.5     The Secretary and the immediate past President, or in his/her absence, another                               member chosen from the General Body shall serve as polling officers

          10.6     Any eligible member shall nominate himself or another person for any position on the                             Executive Committee

          10.7     If there are more than one candidate for the same position, and if no one withdraws his                         or her nomination, voting shall be done by secret ballot

          10.8     No proxy vote shall be allowed at the General Body meeting

          10.9     Votes shall be counted by the returning office and polling officers immediately after all                           the polling is declared closed

          10.10   The counting of votes shall be done in presence of the candidates or the                                           representatives if they so wish, all of who shall verify  and sign the records of the voting                         count

          10.11   The results of the elections shall be announced immediately after the votes are counted

          10.12   Prior to the election, the Secretary shall announce the list of eligible voters



                   11.1     In the event of liquidation, dissolution, or abandonment of its stated purposes, after                                       providing for the pay of any debts and obligations of Kairali, the remaining assets shall be                                donated to two or more local charity organizations



                  12.1    Notice of amendments to the constitution shall be submitted in writing to the President                                 of the  Executive Committee at least thirty days prior to the General Body meeting

        12.2   The Executive Committee shall discuss the merits of the amendment

        12.3   The Secretary shall inform the members of such proposal for amendment at least fifteen                     days prior to the General Body meeting

         12.4   Amendments shall be discussed and approved by at least two-thirds majority of the                            members present at the General Body


The Constitution and Bylaws of Kairali of Syracuse are hereby approved by the

Executive Committee of Kairali as of                                                                    

(Typed by Andrews Kurian—To be proofread, verified and checked for accuracy by

Kairali of Syracuse Executive Committee and Advisory Board)